Heather Mann

Heather Mann

Research Director

As Ayogo’s Research Director, I use the power of observation and the power of data to better understand how Ayogo’s apps are working for patients. I help transform questions into testable hypotheses, and search for answers using qualitative and quantitative research methods. Together with the design team, I consider how to integrate research insights into Ayogo’s products. I also work with clients and external partners to assess the impact of our products on health outcomes.

Always fascinated by the forces underlying human behaviour, I spent over a decade studying psychology. As a graduate student, I had a lot of fun researching how social forces influence everyday dishonesty with my PhD advisor Dan Ariely. (Sidebar: if you say you’re honest, you’re probably lying.)

I am galvanized by the potential of social entrepreneurship to usher in positive systems change. Prior to joining Ayogo, I worked to implement a student finance program as Program Director for Brighter Investment, a social venture focused on removing financial barriers to higher education.

Outside of the office, you might find me dancing West Coast swing, or spending time with friends and neighbours in Vancouver Cohousing. You can also learn more about me on my website, or connect with me on twitter @HeatherSocEnt.

Finely honed over many years diligently studying psychology, my superpower is reading minds.