Stephanie Chicoine

Stephanie Chicoine

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development at Ayogo it is my responsibility to drive meaningful growth for our organization. As we continue to expand our partnerships and brand globally it is my responsibility to ensure that we have the right strategies and systems in place so that we can accomplish our goals in terms of growth as an organization. At Ayogo, impacting the world and humans around us in a truly purposeful way is what drives us to do our best and we need to make sure everyone knows it!

I have a passion for the healthcare industry when it comes to digital innovation and patient engagement. At Ayogo, my passion has become my career and the work and partners that I interact with share an incredible alignment in terms of creating meaningful change and when it really comes down to it… helping people. There’s a well-known catch-phrase in the digital industry that goes something like this: “We’re developers… we’re not saving lives,” however, at Ayogo…. we are. Being able to mix my passion for health and technology puts a smile on my face every day.

My superpower… if DIY was a superpower it would be mine. I’m talking furniture, crafts, tiling your bathroom, building a deck etc. If there’s a DIY video on the internet for it… I’m there!

Connect with me on Linkedin to chat more about digital health innovation or for tips on how to refinish your coffee table—either works.