Our Custom Services

Ayogo’s design and development team can work with you from early concept development to deployment, whether you’re developing a serious game, a mobile application, or a patient portal. Discovery and analysis are the foundation of our work.
Every project begins with in-depth user research to uncover the hidden truths about your patient group and the factors that affect their health and related behaviours. By clearly understanding your patients, the purpose of the solution they need, and the context in which your patients will use it, we create meaningful applications capable of changing people’s lives.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ayogo delivered a world class application, Healthseeker, that has repeatedly won awards, attracted headlines, and more importantly, helped tens of thousands of people touched by diabetes in the development of healthier lifestyle habits.


Designing Digital Tools for Patient Engagement

In this white paper we’ll discuss: understanding patient behavior through the lens of game psychology, the neurochemical basis of digital engagement, what we can learn from early, less-successful attempts at “gamification”, how we move to a more comprehensive understanding of “playful design”, and how to utilize design patterns from various styles of play using ACUDO – Ayogo’s contribution towards providing a more comprehensive approach to gamification.