Ayogo AI Principles: Guiding Technology with Humanity


At Ayogo, we harness Generative Large Language Models like GPT-4 to enhance patient experiences and relationships, and aid in crucial treatment decisions. Our aim? To combine top-tier technology with the empathy central to exceptional healthcare. We invite your insights as we pave the way for a tech-driven future that celebrates human compassion. 


In our rapidly advancing world, Generative Large Language Models like GPT-4 offer interactions that mimic human conversation. Yet with such advances come challenges, blurring the lines between human and machine, adding complexities to our digital interactions. At Ayogo, we’re proactive in shaping this future, ensuring humans remain central. Recognizing the profound influence of these systems, we champion ethical guidelines and safety protocols. As we weave AI into our offerings, we emphasize human-centricity. We’re committed to ensuring technology amplifies, not replaces, human connection and value your input in this ongoing conversation.

Background: Ayogo and LifePlan

LifePlan, an Ayogo service, uses personalized education in a human-led decision-making program to foster connections between Guides and Participants. By integrating AI, we aim to bolster these human relationships. AI empowers our Guides, optimizing information processing, and ensuring tailored experiences. Yet it’s crucial that we remain cautious. Just as telehealth services can sometimes drift from personal connection to mere transaction, our goal with AI is to enhance, not diminish, the human touch that is vital in healthcare.

Our Principles

When integrating AI into Ayogo, our primary goal is to augment our Guides’ abilities, keeping their relationship with participants central. Our AI principles include:

  • Respect for Autonomy: AI assists Guides, who have the final say in their interactions with Participants.
  • Transparency: We ensure AI processes are understandable, highlighting its role as a tool, not an infallible solution.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Patient data privacy is non-negotiable, and we actively address security concerns tied to AI.
  • Respect for Authority: AI supports Guides in making informed decisions, never intervening directly.
  • Accuracy: Our AI offers accurate and verifiable information, aiming to eliminate errors.

Our Responsibilities

Introducing powerful tech like AI requires clarity in roles and responsibilities. 

For Guides, this means:

  • Educated Use: Being trained to understand AI’s potential and limits.
  • Responsible Use: Assuming accountability for actions and communications, ensuring the AI complements their expertise.

Ayogo commits to:

  • Empowerment of Guides: Providing tools and training to enable informed decisions.
  • Avoid Anthropomorphization: Designing AI as a tool, not mimicking human traits, to prevent confusion.
  • Commitment to Minimizing Bias: Actively addressing biases in our AI systems.
  • Accountability and Oversight: Implementing strict checks to guarantee ethical AI application, including third-party evaluations.
  • Industry Compliance and Engagement: Adhering to regulations and promoting industry collaboration, ensuring we meet ethical and operational standards.

Our goal is clear: to synergize technology with humanity, upholding human empathy and intelligence in healthcare.

As we move forward, your insights are invaluable. We respect healthcare professionals and value diverse opinions from clinicians, patients, ethicists, and more. Join us in this pivotal conversation, blending innovation with compassion.