Ayogo and Genentech Collaborate on Award Winning Health Games

The 2016 International Serious Play Awards competition today recognized the collaboration between Ayogo and Genentech with a Silver Award for two health-games that illustrate immunotherapy. The award winning health games include T-Cells Attack and Lymph Node Labyrinth. Each relates to the science behind the Cancer-Immunity Cycle.
Cancer immunotherapy is the most talked about area of research today. Genentech is a global leader in developing cancer medicines, and cancer immunotherapy is a major focus of their research. Much of this research is based on a framework pioneered by Dan Chen and Ira Mellman called the Cancer Immunity Cycle, which outlines seven steps the immune system takes to recognize and destroy cancer cells.
To help educate about the science underlying cancer immunotherapy, and to highlight Genentech’s thought leadership in this space, Ayogo created the mini-games for different steps in the Cancer-Immunity Cycle.
The Ayogo team for the project included: Ricard Adrianza, Art Director; Patrick Moody-Grigsby, Creative Director; Mala Srivatsa, Producer; Adam Vernon, Developer.
Genentech: Josh Kamler, Senior Brand Manager, Strategy & Creative; Holli Kolkey, Associate Director, Corporate Relations; Nicholas Waton, Senior Manager, Digital and Brand Communications.
Weber Shandwick: Ruchir Shah, Supervisor of Scientific Communications.

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