Ayogo’s JEDI Committee

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, something we’d like to take a moment to reflect on. Ayogo’s Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) committee was formally established in 2021. In truth, Ayogo has always championed a culture of inclusivity and diversity, but forming the committee was our way of further committing to our values and choosing to actively work towards achieving our JEDI goals. 

Since 2021, the JEDI committee has done significant work to support Ayogo in aligning with JEDI principles. This work involved performing several audits, providing expert led training and workshops, and making changes to relevant documentation and web design. 
It has been an educational and humbling experience to be part of this committee. Pretty early on I discovered that I couldn’t treat this committee as a project completely independent of myself. It’s near impossible to research and advocate best practices without turning the lens on yourself. We’ve had some difficult conversations and in some cases, a few humbling realisations. Ultimately we’ve learned that for us to make a real impact, it’s up to each of us to promote JEDI principles in all aspects of our lives. 
I’m proud to Chair this committee, and I’m proud of everyone at Ayogo who inspires us by continuing to challenge whether there’s something we could be doing better. 

Emma O’Connor

Director of Finance and Corporate Operations

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