Ayogo launches a Post-graduate Digital Design Internship Program with VFS

By March 28, 2012News

Today we’re announcing some very exciting news: VFS’s talented Digital Design students are getting the opportunity to launch their careers with us through an internship program.
“We’ve had a great experience working with and hiring students from VFS in the past and it seemed like a logical next step to better align ourselves with both the school and the program,” says Jesse Spink, Ayogo’s Creative Director.
Vancouver Film School is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution and one of the most distinguished in the world. Their Digital Design program provides students with a comprehensive education in the rapidly evolving world of digital media. Students from each of the three graduating classes per year will have the opportunity to apply for this internship. The successful intern will get mentoring from a VFS instructor and Jesse.
“We are constantly working to evolve the Digital Design program to be relevant by partnering with companies that are on trend and share our passion for creating meaningful experiences,” says Miles Nurse, Head of Digital Design. “The Ayogo Health Post-graduate Internship Program provides our students with an amazing opportunity to work with a local, grass roots gaming company.  Students will be exposed to an entrepreneurial, cross-media environment, where they will be able to practice and refine their craft in the heart of Vancouver’s growing design community.”
“We have some really exciting projects in the works that span the spectrum of social, mobile, online communities and games,” says Jesse. “These projects, like our company, require people with a broad range of talent as well as specialist abilities and that’s exactly the kind of people we seeing coming out of VFS. Watch for some exciting new things to come.”
An active partner in promoting Vancouver’s vibrant game industry, we are regularly on the look out for talent within the local community. This internship with VFS furthers builds upon our goal of finding fresh creative minds, and giving them the opportunity and challenge to do their best work; work that is as creative and challenging as it is meaningful.