Ayogo Launches Hiccups’ Online Campaign

By May 27, 2011News

Hiccups, Canada’s most-watched new Canadian comedy series returns to CTV with the Season 2 premiere on Monday, May 30 at 8 p.m. ET. In the lead up to the show’s premiere, Ayogo’s design, tech and social media teams have launched a multimedia campaign. Our engagement-centric strategy includes the creation of a Twitter channel and a content-rich Facebook fan page, which features sneak peek trailers, an integrated YouTube channel, exclusive webisodes, interviews, behind the scenes footage and a Facebook game called “What would Millie do?” Ayogo’s social media team has also been busy in the Twitterverse and Facebook world engaging with fans and building a Hiccups community around the show.
Ayogo will launch the Facebook game on June1st and will release a new game weekly for the duration of the show’s run.
For more information about Hiccups, check out their website.