Ayogo Partners With USC Center For Body Computing

We are really excited to announce that Ayogo has joined forces with 16 sponsoring companies from all corners of the world to become a founding member of the University of Southern California’s Center for Body Computing (CBC), which is establishing itself as the new epicenter of wireless health research and innovation.

“Our founding members are a critical part of the Center for Body Computing. We are jointly creating product prototypes and economic models for wireless health,” said Leslie A. Saxon, M.D., the executive director of the CBC. “We believe wireless medicine has the potential to help millions, if not billions, of people.  Wireless health solutions have the potential to democratize medicine by breaking down the barriers between health care providers and patients, leading to faster and more cost-effective cures, and increased access to health solutions for people worldwide.”

“Medical science has evolved tremendously in recent years but the model of medical care delivery has in many ways stayed the same,” said Saxon.  “Health care will soon be radically changed by wireless technology, which has the potential to enhance the patient experience and improve health care outcomes.”

“We’re thrilled to be playing a role in the transformation of health care,” said Michael Fergusson of Ayogo. “We believe that the visionary research being done by the CBC can create a new type of health consumer – one who is a motivated, educated, and active participant in their own health care.”

For more information about USC’s Center for Body Computing and the other founding members, please read the news release.