Ayogo Q&A: Can Game Mechanics Proxy For A User's Intrinsic Motivations Around Health?

By February 2, 2012Ideas

Ayogo CEO, Michael Fergusson, answers a twitter question from Scott Dodson of Bobber Interactive about using game mechanics as a proxy for intrinsic motivations around health. Michael explains that our job as a gamification company is to express a user’s intrinsic motivation in a context that incentivizes them to act in the present moment rather than putting it off. He goes on to say that everything we do is play and the important thing is to find the inherent play in any situation, the real game, and then enhance it so that the player can feel most motivated in that particular context.

Ayogo Q&A is a video series that answers questions about gamification and health. If you have any questions, ask us! @ayogogames or info@ayogo.com
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