Ayogo's CEO Gets Creative Kudos at Merging Media.

The Canucks Showcase - Creative Kudos at Mergin Media
Yesterday was a big day for us at Ayogo. Not only did we announce our acquisition of Tandem Learning, but our CEO, Michael Fergusson, was also on stage at Merging Media. “The Canucks Showcase – Creative Kudos” was a panel that celebrated top Canadian companies producing cross media projects. The four entrepreneurs behind these top companies shared their secrets for success to a packed house. The panelists in the limelight included Michael Fergusson of Ayogo, Evan Jones of Stitch Media, David Gratton of Work-at-Play, Sean Embury of Fulscrn and Sandy Fleischer of Dare. The panel was moderated by Lynda Brown Ganzert of Zulume.
The Canucks Showcase - Creative Kudos at Mergin Media


Sound bites from the panel:
“Personal connections and knowing people is the first step to doing work with people across borders.” Michael Fergusson, CEO of Ayogo.
“Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for, with regard to content.” Fulscrn’s Sean Embury
“Matching the market to the product is very important” David Gratton, Work At Play
On entrepreneurship:
“Being an entrepreneur isn’t about succeeding, it’s failing with style.” Michael Fergusson
“Don’t be afraid of failure.” Sandy Fleischer of Dare
All the panelists also agreed that the Canadian business environment is risk averse and they’ve all had more luck finding funding and work south of the border.
This presentation was also an opportunity for Michael to showcase the team behind him. We had an awesome time making this music video. We think it shows off our fun and creative corporate culture. We hope you enjoy it too!