Career Explorers

By January 30, 2012Projects

Educational purpose arrives at school disguised as super fun. Inspired by board games, Career Explorers has 9 mini games with a simple arcade-like style to expose children between 8 and 13 to various career paths within growth industries in BC.
Career Explorers can be played solo, or with a friend on a single computer. Players choose a character, then pick which region of BC to start with. The game board itself is a map of BC, beautifully rendered in 3D. With each kick of the dice, players move across the board, exploring the province and potential careers. Each space on the board represents a growth industry in the region, and players earn a badge for each job they discover. Some industries are presented as arcade-style mini-games that challenge while they educate – nine mini games in all. In true board game fashion, players can win special cards that help them strategize their way around the game board.
Fun is the delivery system, but education is the goal. By the end of the game, players will be able to tell you all about the major career paths in their region.
Career Explorers was commissioned by the Ministry of Regional Economics and Skills Development and is available on DVDs for Mac and PC, and online – so kids can play at school or at home.