MM&M's Mobile Marketing Report Discusses Gamification for Pharma

MM&M delves into the world of gamification for pharma and how it can help support patients in taking their medications. In the following article, Ayogo CEO Michael Fergusson

Merck and Ayogo working together: PMLive Article

Dominick Tyer writes in the Digital Intelligence blog: Merck & Co is working on a new mobile app for type 2 diabetes patients to help

MedCity News: Can Gamification Impact Adherence for People with Diabetes?

Stephanie Baum writes in MedCity News: Merck (NYSE: MRK) is turning to gamification in a collaboration with Canadian gaming developer Ayogo in a bid to

mHealth News: Eric Wicklund Talk with Michael Fergusson at the mHealth Summit

Excerpt from Ayogo’s CEO Michael Fergusson’s interview with Eric Wicklund at the mHealth Summits: MF: Because it’s a fundamental aspect of human psychology to play, video games

Michael Fergusson talks about Monster Manor on CBC Radio

Michael Fergusson is interviewed on CBC radio’s On the Coast, December 27, 2013 about Monster Manor

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