Crossing the Chasm through Healthcare Innovation

By June 16, 2015Ideas

Have you heard of “crossing the chasm”? This important idea, from the book of the same name by Geoffrey Moore describes the chasm that exists before a technology is adopted by the mainstream.  The chasm is bridged when the early technology enthusiasts on one side connect with the visionaries within the new system on the other.  To cross the chasm, the technology enthusiasts and the healthcare visionaries put their minds together and collaborate on a new solution.Technology Adoption LifecycleExciting new innovators are crossing the chasm through healthcare innovation.  For example, Richard Milani, Ochsner’s Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, has been involved in an Epic integration of HealthKit that required an innovation collaboration to create a variety of algorithms within Epic and decision support tools so that patients could go home sooner, armed with a wireless scale that transmitted data through interfaces into Epic that would alert the clinical team of weight gain, a indicator of risk for heart failure readmission for patients with congestive heart failure.  To cross the chasm, the innovation must be adopted and Ochsner’s project included an adoption culture-change project which Dr. Milani describes:

We opened up a semi retail space in our new primary care space, we call it the “O” bar, ‘O’ is Oschner. It’s much like a genius bar. We offer two things, both apps and devices. The apps are downloaded into six iPads on stands, and we’ve downloaded probably two or three hundred of the best apps that we’ve screened. People can play with them at their leisure and we have a “genius” behind the bar they can ask questions to, they can walk them through, show how the apps works.


Are you an innovative leader in a healthcare system?

The answer is yes, if you the following sounds like you:

  • You are curious about ways mobile technologies are being used to help patients avoid complications that lead to ER visits, readmissions, and more painful and costly interventions
  • You are dissatisfied – but you are a problem-solver, not a complainer
  • Your creative enthusiasm is contagious – when you discover a new and better way to do things, you are not biased to hold onto the past, but…
  • You know that culture change is part of every technology change – and see success when people move out of their comfort zone and acknowledge that change might be necessary, and maybe wouldn’t be so bad.
  • You recognize value when you see it – supporting adoption of systems and HIT, improving workflows, capturing good useful data, driving improvement through continuous improvement.
  • You deliver value first and let ROI follow –  like good science experiments the value comes in determining the impact first. Iteration plus time allow the cost to drop, as the innovation crosses the chasm and reaches a mainstream audience.

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Photo credit: Jessica Gardner | Illustrations: Geoffrey Moore; HIMSS