Ayogo Designathon: Design Hacking Is Good Cruel Fun

Hackathon or designathon? Whatever you choose to call it, the Ayogo designathon was a playful day of problem solving applying design hacking to health engagement challenges. To make our designathon even more fun, we added a layer of challenge through design obstructions that were playfully problematic.
Thirty Ayogis spent the day bonding in five teams, tackling three tough problems with creativity, co-operation, innovation, and of course, design!

The Morningdesign hacking - breakfast

Breakfast got us going.
Every team had 4–5 people and was hand-picked to have a rounded skillset. We started out without even a pen. We were given $1400 pretend design bucks to take turns buying the supplies we needed. Later we were told the only technology allowed was our cell phones for research.
design hacking - store5-choices-at-the-store-01
There were three problems submitted to the designathon and each team had to decide on what to purchase in order to participate in the competition and begin design hacking.

We tackled three problems:

1. Newly-diagnosed diabetes patients don’t come back.
2. Walk-in clinic wait times are a big turn off and patient satisfaction plummets.
3. Cancer patients in a clinical trial aren’t completing a mandatory daily survey.
design hacking rules and example problem
The five teams got busy!
design hacking group 1 design hacking group 1 notes brainstorming design hacking brainstorming design hacking group 2 design hacking group 05 design hacking group 3
Later on, a second challenge required teams to earn more cash by answering skill-testing questions.
design hacking group 4

The Afternoon

Then we cruelly assigned “obstructions” to sabotage other teams. For example an artist had to wear oven mitts. Some teams had 4 or 5 sabotages. The most detested was definitely the sleep mask! The least, probably mandatory Kenny G tunes played loud and on constant rotation.
15-3-legged design hacking stacey in gloves
The solutions needed to describe a star feature, what it would look like, and the user experience. The teams needed to touch on business models, who would pay, distribution, competitors and next steps.
At 5pm submissions were locked down.

Judgement Day

We returned at 4pm on Friday for a party and the judging.
And the Winners were:


Ogoya: Kelsey Lian, Ellena Lawrence, David Thomas, Kristel CoSo, Raul Souza
Problem: #1
Link to Solution Presentation: Best Practices Toolkit


Guyabetes: Patrick Moody Grigsby, Jailson Brillo, Fay-Lisa Jensen, Mavis Dixon, Adam Vernon
Problem: #1
Link to Solution Presentation: The Guy-abetes Experience


Ssssh: Shauna Gammon, Stacey Vachon, Sam Evanuk, Steven Stark, Heather Mann
Problem: #3
Link to Solution Presentation: SurveyBuddy

Runners up:

eXpress clinical solutions™: Maddy Bazett, Ian Suda, Mala Srivatsa, Camila Serrano
Problem: #2
Link to Solution Presentation: Walki (SaaS)
Death Clinic for Cutie: Dan Loach, Stacey Hagel, Darryl Pogue, Antony Parnell, Isaac Murdock
Problem: #2
Link to Solution Presentation: SMS/Text Communication

Thank You to the Judges

Alexandra Greenhill   |   Jonathan Aitken   |   Sara Bailey
design hacking briefing some judges design hacking winners third place sssh and 3 judges

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