Diabesties, a new mobile health app powered by Ayogo

By November 1, 2012News

Besties with diabetes now have an app that lets them share their blood sugar levels, and all the other highs and lows that come with life.
Diabesties” harnesses the power of social accountability and engagement. The iphone app lets friends get real-time peer support, troubleshooting and motivation from each other. The application also logs all the blood glucose data points entered for later access.
Just released in the App Store, Diabesties is a diabetes tracking tool and the latest in the arena of social mobile health apps.
“With more and more technology and information available, I firmly believe that community support will play a huge in the landscape of type 1 diabetes care,” said Jake A. Kushner M.D. Chief of Pediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology at Baylor College of Medicine. “Diabesties is an important part of that vision, as it allows people with diabetes to help each other connect and encourage each other.”
The “Diabesties” concept was the brainchild of CDN’s program director, Jo Treitman, after she started texting with several friends who were also struggling to manage their diabetes while on their college campus.
The College Diabetes Network (CDN) is a non-profit organization that helps students create groups on college and university campuses, and provides information relevant to young adult life with Type I diabetes.
“Through Ayogo, the “Diabesties” concept was able to be brought to life, and allowed to grow into its full potential as a tool for users with diabetes,” said Treitman. “Ayogo’s team not only was actively involved in the technology design, but was also willing to work closely with us to build a user interface which reflected the true user experience of a person with diabetes.”
The app is free to users. How is that possible? Michael Fergusson explains: “Ayogo has a social gamification platform, which we use as the foundation for a number of health-related projects, including several in the diabetes space. All of these applications are intended to be, and to remain, free to the end users. How we find the money to develop and operate these apps is through sponsorships, grants, and research funds that we procure to support our platform. This lets us effectively give our services to organizations like CDN, whom we are very proud to be able to support.”
“Let’s face it, there’s something special about talking to another person with diabetes, who also deals with it every day, and just ‘gets’ it,” said CDN in a statement about the app.
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