Diabetes Diet Challenge

This coming week at Ayogo we are challenging ourselves.

While we create apps to help people living with Type 2 Diabetes, it isn’t something that many of us have the hands-on experience of living with. So, our internal diabetes expert, Adrian Estergaard, is leading the office in a week-long Diabetes Diet Challenge!

A meal plan has been put together that follows the American Diabetes Association guidelines for diet & exercise. Now everybody in the office is going to spend the week of June 24-28 challenging themselves to adhere to it. Blood sugars will be logged, carbs will be counted and everybody will be getting an insight into what it feels like to have to be aware of their body and everything that goes into it.gamification
A key part of our adherence plan is our very own Diabesties app – using it to log our blood sugars & carbs and supporting each other through the challenge. To kick this off we had a final pizza & pop-fueled farewell to our indulgences – the last of this kind of eating for a solid week!