DiabetesSisters SisterMatch

By January 30, 2012Projects

This is the first matchmaking social game of its kind. It blends a comprehensive matchmaking algorithm with the fun and engagement of social games, with the aim of bringing together like-minded women with diabetes for support, mentorship and knowledge exchange in a way that’s new and innovative.
SisterMatch centers around women earning quilt blocks by participating in knowledge tests and personality quizzes – each woman’s unique quilt is then woven into the intricate Community Quilt. SisterMatch’s innovation lies in its matchmaking algorithm, which gathers information about members’ attitudes, personalities and preferences, and then delivers each Sister her best “SisterMatches”. Using this matchmaking process, women with diabetes will be able to build a list of compatible peer support friends, and begin new friendships while learning helpful information about diabetes management and healthy living in a fun, interactive way.