Does gamification require specialized knowledge and skills? – The Great Gamification Debate (part 4/6)

By April 4, 2012Ideas

Ding. Ding. Ding. Round 4!
Steve argues that gamification does require specialized knowledge. “There’s no cookie cutter approach you can take to gamify environments. You can”t copy and paste ideas people have used and make those designs work. You can’t Zynga your way through this.”
Michael counters with a story from his childhood of a time he gamified a car trip with no specialized skills at all. Michael argues that there’s no gating factor for understanding what’s fun, what works and what motivates us towards our goal.

Recorded live Feb 2nd 2012 in Vancouver’s Gastown.

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On cameras: James Darby, Alan Burns, Jesse Spink and Shehani Kay
Post production editing: Alan Burns