Fit2Me Hailed as a Revolution in Pharma Patient Education

AstraZeneca went out seeking experts who developed the user interfaces it admired. They landed on the team of experts at Ayogo. Ayogo was tasked with creating, to activate site visitors with Type 2 diabetes and sustain engagement with a custom fit tool to help them with diet and exercise behavior change.

Fit2Me has proven to be a runaway success, receiving 1 million visitors in its first 6 months and achieving engagement levels of 5X industry benchmarks. AstraZeneca’s Topher Brooke says
Fit2Me has outstripped every expectation we had for it.”

Fit2Me is being hailed as nothing short of a revolution in pharma patient education says Larry Dobrow in “Patient Education/Marketing Report: Revolution“:

Now that you’ve seen the bad, it’s time to experience the good. Let us direct you, then, to AstraZeneca’s Fit2Me resource for Type 2 diabetes patients and their support network and to Novartis’s Living Like You community for young women with multiple sclerosis. Pretty impressive, no? While the two campaigns couldn’t be more different attitudinally… each serves as a prime example of circa-2015 patient education in its most useful, relevant guise.”

 …cannier, more sensitive to patient needs and just plain more effective than pretty much every other education or awareness campaign out there.”


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