Talking Healthcare Tweet Chat: How Social Media Connects Health and Tech

By September 15, 2016Ideas, Insights

As Ayogo has learned firsthand, healthcare organizations and technology startups both benefit from participating in the same organized social media “meet ups”, otherwise known as a twitter chat, or healthcare tweet chat.
What is a tweet chat? A twitter-based exchange that takes place at a specified time where the participants tweet answers and pose questions related to a specific topic using a pre-defined hashtag. A hashtag is a keyword preceded by the # symbol, for example #HealthcareChat. The hashtag is written in to each post, creating a record of that tweet chat conversation: who participated, what they had to say and the links and content related to their tweets. As you can imagine, tweet chats that involve multiple perspectives are a quick and easy way to introduce ideas across disciplines.David Thomas - healthcare tweet chat
David Thomas goes by the handle @daveybean on Twitter. David is Ayogo’s social media guru, often tweeting for @ayogo. We created a great little video blog on his experience co-hosting the premiere healthcare tweet chat, #HealthcareChat. #HealthcareChat is hosted on Twitter on the second Wednesday of the month at 2pm ET.

Talkin’ Tweet Chats

  • Dave tells us how he first got involved in doing a tweet chat.
  • What’s the point of a tweet chat? And whether there is benefit in co-hosting #HealthcareChat?
  • What makes a good tweet chat?
  • What challenges do you need to anticipate when hosting a tweet chat?


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