Healthy Employees: Inside and Out!

At Ayogo, we practice what we preach. Since the apps we develop promote engagement and health behaviour change, including developing healthy lifestyle habits, we strive to follow our own advice.
What we do to stay healthy at our main studio in Vancouver revolves around three main activities: healthy snacking, staying active and getting outside!
Antony Parnell, our superstar administrative assistant, takes foods high in sugars, fats and salts off the menu. Instead, he stocks our free-for-all fridge with delicious, healthy options such as carrots for dipping in hummus (garlic is our favourite), and greek yogurt with berries.
Healthy Employees - Snacks
If you’re feeling a bit sluggish after spending hours staring at the computer screen, our Ayogis can attend a weekly yoga lesson taught by the wonderful Georgine Stevenson-Aho.

I look forward to our weekly yoga class. I’m not doing my body any favors when I spend my days sitting in desk chair or airplane seat hunched over a laptop. Yoga gives me an opportunity to focus on realignment and clear my head. People get scared of yoga because they think you have to be slim, spiritual, and bendy to participate, but I’m none of those things and I love it.”
– Patrick Moody-Grigsby

Healthy Employees - Yoga    Healthy Employees - Yoga
For an activity that’s more rigorous, Ayogis can also hit up “Fitness Bootcamp” which is offered by our building management twice a week.

One of the many great things about working at Ayogo is the access to various ways to keep fit. An in-building gym, a running club and an awesome fitness bootcamp on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The bootcamp is an excellent physical grind, led by the wonderful Britta who is equally motivating and challenging. It’s a mix of cardio, weights and other things mixed in—definitely something to get into!”
– Antony Parnell

Healthy Employees - Bootcamp
Many of our employees get outside during their lunch break. Our #runningclub organizes using our communication tool, Slack. On any given day you can catch at least a few Ayogis going for a 3–5km run and a few are training for marathons. Running isn’t everyone’s thing. We encourage each other to take short breaks and head out for a stroll with a couple of coworkers – weather dependent, of course!
Healthy Employees - Walk
Interested in joining a healthier team in a healthier work environment? Talk to us!

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