Is Gamification Effective? – The Great Gamification Debate (part 1/6)

By March 14, 2012Ideas

The Great Gamification Debate, held Feb 2nd, was an entertaining and lively discussion on gamification. Need to learn about the good, the bad and the added value prospect of applying gamification to your business? Discover the truth about gamification and what it can and cannot be used for from experts currently working in the field. Part performance, part informational, this debate pitted two gamification gurus head to head.
In part 1, debaters Michael Fergusson of Ayogo and Steve Boscka of PugPharm tackled the question, is gamification effective?

Recorded live Feb 2nd 2012 in Vancouver’s Gastown.
See what happened next: Go to round 2.
On cameras: James Darby, Alan Burns, Jesse Spink and Shehani Kay
Post production editing: Alan Burns