Is gamification novel? – The Great Gamification Debate (part 3/6)

By March 28, 2012Ideas

Ding. Ding. Ding. Round 3.
Michael argues that gamification as a category of applications is new. We can now make everyday activities fun, and not just for us but fun with our friends and family so we can achieve our goals together – get epic wins in a community.
Steve argues that gamification as an approach isn’t unique or novel, The questions asked are same questions that we’ve asked before. What’s possible now is that we’ve taken these technologies and we’ve woven them together, and created systems that make it cheaper for people because instead of starting from scratch they have ready made systems that they can use.

Recorded live Feb 2nd 2012 in Vancouver’s Gastown.

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On cameras: James Darby, Alan Burns, Jesse Spink and Shehani Kay
Post production editing: Alan Burns