Multiple Sclerosis research partnership launched between Ayogo and Digital Health Circle

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VANCOUVER, CANADA (October 23, 2019) – Vancouver, BC – Ayogo Health Inc. and Digital Health Circle announced today their collaboration in the creation of digital health applications, tools and content to assist patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The initial focus of this collaboration will be to provide patient-specific information to help explain the complex symptomology of MS, as well as practical information for patients that will help facilitate important conversations about those symptoms with loved ones and children.
Canada has one of the highest rates of MS in the world, with an estimated 77,000 people living with this disease. This chronic, progressive autoimmune disease attacks the protective coating of neurons in the central nervous system. Breakdowns in this protective coating, called myelin, can result in many different symptoms that often vary from one patient to another. Common symptoms of people living with MS include fatigue, coordination problems, weakness, tingling and/or impaired sensation in the limbs, vision problems, and cognitive and mental health changes.
Most support systems for patients with MS are limited to a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education and information on this disease. The result can be poor patient engagement with support systems if information is presented in a way that is too hard—or too easy—for patients to understand. Because MS is a chronic disease, support systems also need to adapt to provide new information as peoples’ symptoms change over time.
The partnership launched between Ayogo and Digital Health Circle leverages the expertise of each organization in creating patient-engaged digital health support platforms, and supporting the creation of digital health technology solutions with multiple stakeholders. As Michael Fergusson, Chief Executive Officer at Ayogo stated, “This research partnership with Digital Health Circle is a tremendous “force-multiplier” that will allow Ayogo to connect with all key stakeholders necessary for the development of our digital health solution, including patients, researchers, medical experts, life sciences companies, and not-for-profits. No other organization in British Columbia is providing an equivalent service, to help us operate at a speed and scale we couldn’t reach on our own.”
In describing this research partnership with Ayogo, Greg Christie, Director of Innovation at Digital Health Circle, stated,

“This partnership highlights how digital solutions can lead to better health outcomes for Canadians. People living with complex and chronic health conditions, like MS, need access to tailored information specific to the challenges they face. This collaboration with Ayogo will lead to tools that are urgently needed to help improve the wellbeing and quality of life of thousands of Canadians.”

This unique partnership will bring to market a range of digital therapeutic applications and tools for patients with MS and their families. The first product of this collaboration is slated for release in 2020 in North America.


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