New Facebook Game Alert: Improve Your Lifestyle with Healthseeker

By June 15, 2010News

It’s finally arrived. Our latest Facebook game called Healthseeker has launched on Facebook.
The game was designed with the goal of helping adults with specific lifestyle and nutritional challenges, in particular those people living with diabetes or who are at the risk of developing diabetes. The great thing is that anyone on Facebook can play the game and benefit from it.
What else?
We think the game is just one example of how social media and social games are transforming the way people learn through innovative education. It’s designed to use in-game incentives and socialization to modify real-world behaviors, helping people improve their lifestyles and engage them in taking charge of their own health.  While there are educational games that improve learning skills and games geared towards “solving” social issues, we think that what we’re doing with incremental rewards in our games and how they’re used to positively motivate change in behavior is really unique. We also think there’s a lot of potential in using our gaming techniques to improve engagement and motivate positive behavior in other socially beneficial ways (environment, philanthropy, health).
You can watch the video to learn more about the game or just visit
Here is the link to the official press release and links to a few spots in Vancouver’s tech-blog community and in the U.S. diabetes community that have already covered the game. You can leave a comment or email me, if you have a question.