Let the Games Begin! Pharma Gets into Health Games

By February 3, 2015Ideas, Insights

Big Pharma is trying out gamification and pharma health games to improve patient engagement. While the pharmaceutical industry is late to the game in developing digital applications, those that have become “digirati” are 26% more profitable than digital beginners.

But before you get in the game – you should know that making an interactive digital application in a highly-regulated space is not for the faint-hearted. Like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, if you’re going to survive, you’re going to need an experienced team that believes in your project and shares your commitment to getting things done.
Most digital health projects fail because of bad design, So the first thing you’re going to need is a creative team that can deliver results. Empathic designers who can get behind the motivators and barriers of your clients these are your Healthcare Interaction Designers (HxD) and they are critical. But good HxD is only the beginning.
The secret sauce of engagement is Playful Design.
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Big Pharma clients are now ready for digital solutions because:

  1. Many blockbuster meds are going off patent in 2015. The lesson learned is that a pharma product needs to be more than a molecule. Patients will remain more loyal to medications if you give them value in more ways than just a pill. Providing engaging services is more important than ever.
  2. Patients deserve better.
  3. Emotion is engaging.
  4. ROI demands data. Digital applications have analytics that can provide anonymized, aggregate about what leads to a decision point.
  5. Innovation cuts through the noise. Digirati try designs other companies won’t. Boerhinger Ingelheim won a Silver Clio for the facebook pharma health game Ayogo built for them.

A gamified health project can make heroes of Digirati Product Directors on the business side- a well-executed project brings real career success. Beautiful applications, designed to delight patients, with measurable outcomes. – that makes a pretty awesome story to tell at the annual awards! Be sure to share the credit at your award speech because Big Pharma Digirati like you succeed when your executive sponsors stand with you, and your legal and IT advisors have had the opportunity for real input every step of the way.

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If you think you’re ready to explore the idea of building a truly engaging healthcare application download our latest White PaperDesigning Digital Tools for Patient Engagement: what games and play can teach us