Awards: PharmaVOICE selects Ayogo’s CEO as one of the industry’s 100 most extraordinary game changers

Congratulations Michael Fergusson! Our CEO was selected as one of the “PharmaVOICE 100 – Life Science Industry’s 100 Most Extraordinary Game Changers.” Michael was chosen because he combines “his knowledge of game play, how people learn, and why people do the things they do” with games and health gamification in order to “increase patient engagement and learning, while bring about meaningful changes in behavior.” Using HealthSeeker as an example, PharmaVoice explains how Michael’s work with Ayogo and pharma companies has “forever changed the way companies approach educating patients with chronic, serious or life-threatening conditions,” like diabetes. “Ultimately, it is Mr. Fergusson’s commitment to making the world a better place through games and play that makes him a disruptive innovator within the life-sciences industry.”
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