Ayogo Levels Up: Secures $2.5 million in Series A for Healthtech

Series A for Healthtech 04/07/2015

Vancouver-based Ayogo Health Inc. secured $2.5 million in series A investment to build on its lead in the healthtech field.  You can read the official announcement here.

A patient may only be in the doctor’s office 10 hours a year or less.  We asked ourselves what could we design to empower the patient the other 8750 hours in a year?

“When Paul and I founded Ayogo, smartphones were new. Now they’re everywhere and they are the most personal technology in history. They’re how we engage with media, our social circles, and- with biometrics- even our own bodies. They are with us at all times. They have become an extension of ourselves,” says Ayogo’s CEO Michael Fergusson. “We set an ambitious goal for ourselves: to transform the healthcare experience, and impact the precipitous growth in healthcare costs using this new technology.”

Ayogo was among the first companies to pioneer what has come to be called ‘persuasive technology‘ in the health space. “Along the way our experiments told us a lot about about how playfulness and social networks keep people engaged and motivated,” says co-Founder and CTO, Paul Prescod.

“We took a deep look at behavioral psychology and cognitive biases and kept updating our products. We were determined to create a new kind of evidence-based solution – one that people want to use, that they come back to voluntarily day after day,” says Ayogo’s lead product designer Shauna Gammon.

The product, called Empower, was tested in two separate third-party pilots and is headed for a large-scale clinical trial after the pilots showed significant improvements in health outcomes.  In patients preparing for bariatric surgery, the mobile Empower-based solution helped people lose more weight and keep it off longer than people in the control groups.  Sixty-six percent of people in the experimental group used the app at least daily for twelve weeks and lost 250% more weight than the control groups.

Investors and analysts who specialize in outcomes-based health solutions consider investing Series A for healthtech when the solution aligns with Accountable Care Act directives:

  • to improve the patient experience,
  • improve communication and quality, that in turn can
  • reduce readmissions.

But what literally helped seal the deal with investors and customers alike, was how well Ayogo’s technology performed in third-party evaluations.

Of the many health startups, why Ayogo?

  • Expertise in persuasive technology that supports behavior change and helps form new daily habits
  • Ayogo’s unique approach, Playful Design, includes gamification, social features and elements of delight that healthcare consumers love
  • Empower’s evidence-based design delivered real improvement in health outcomes that healthcare providers trust

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