Awards: Sleep Guru Wins Bronze for Best Mobile App

Sleep Guru Wins Bronze for Best Mobile App

The insomnia support application Sleep Guru was created by Ayogo for Merck as a companion support to the Belsomra medication. Sleep Guru won bronze for Best Mobile App at the DTC National Advertising Awards in Boston.
Sleep Guru is a beautiful app that pulls together a curriculum of behavior change made up of sleep hygiene behaviors. The Sleep Guru mobile interface is super playful. The designers used positive imagery, soothing soundtracks, positive messaging, a deeply difficult emotions associated with insomnia into a motivating experience. The goal of the app is to complete a 10 Day Challenge. Its purpose is to help people with insomnia form new sleep habits. The player picks their own custom challenge to work on, choosing five daily habits they want to tackle every day for 10 days.

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