Ayogo Designathon: Design Hacking Is Good Cruel Fun

Hackathon or designathon? Whatever you choose to call it, the Ayogo designathon was a playful day of problem solving applying design hacking to health engagement challenges. To make our designathon even more fun, we added a layer of challenge through design obstructions that were playfully problematic. Thirty Ayogis spent the day bonding in five teams, tackling three tough problems with creativity,

What is a Design-a-thon?

Design collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Ayogo and is baked in to our culture. We are excited to kick off our very first Design-a-thon. As not everyone on the team is a designer, this design-focused team building event gives all Ayogis a chance to flex their design muscles. So what is a design-a-thon? Similar to a Hack-a-thon, a design-a-thon