Awards: HCL and Ayogo Finalists in Alexa Diabetes Challenge

Alexa Diabetes Challenge Finalists Ayogo and HCL America jointly submitted My GluCoach, to the Alexa Diabetes Challenge. The Alexa-based app is a voice-based diabetes teacher, lifestyle coach, and personal assistant that learns from the patient-user’s wearable and medical devices and through interaction over time. Ayogo’s Maddy Bazett and Brian Carter co-developed the concept. Ayogo and HCL are one of five finalists awarded $25,000, 10 000

Awards: AstraZeneca and Ayogo: A Winning Pharma Collaboration

AstraZeneca and Ayogo: A Winning Pharma Collaboration The EyeforPharma Awards in Philadelphia reunited the Ayogo team with AstraZeneca’s Diabetes team, May 2, 2016. As Top 3 Finalists, they were there to be recognized for their collaboration on Fit2Me for Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration. Ayogo developed the interactive site, Fit2Me, a free, digital, diabetes patient support program, has been described by MM&M as “cannier,

Ayogo Designathon: Design Hacking Is Good Cruel Fun

Hackathon or designathon? Whatever you choose to call it, the Ayogo designathon was a playful day of problem solving applying design hacking to health engagement challenges. To make our designathon even more fun, we added a layer of challenge through design obstructions that were playfully problematic. Thirty Ayogis spent the day bonding in five teams, tackling three tough problems with creativity,

Strategy Leads Creative for Award-Winning Results: Gold for Fit2Me

In pharma marketing, strategy leads creative, not the other way around. When our client AstraZeneca won Gold at the International ECHO™ Award, recognizing Fit2Me as one of the world’s best marketing campaigns, their design partners at Ayogo were proud as punch. MRM/McCann created the ad campaign work for Fit2Me. My Plan. My Way. and several partners worked on AstraZeneca’s Fit2Me

Disrupting Health Through Social Gaming and Play

Disrupting Health through Social Gaming The following text reflects excerpts of Michael Fergusson in conversation on the Top 20 podcast, The Health Crossroad by Drs. Thomas and Ellwood (Episode 26). I’m very excited to be alive at this particular time time in history. We have a whole new collection of technologies, a whole new set of opportunities to reach people and

Awards: AstraZeneca's Fit2Me Wins Gold at International ECHO Awards

AstraZeneca’s Fit2Me Wins Gold at International ECHO Awards AstraZeneca won Gold at the International ECHO™ Awards, recognizing Fit2Me as one of the world’s best marketing campaigns. MRM/McCann created the award-winning ad campaign Fit2Me. My Plan. My Way. Several partners worked on Fit2Me campaign and diabetes branded assets. Ayogo designed and built the entire user interface for the Fit2Me interactive patient support application. Fit2Me is

Fit2Me Hailed as a Revolution in Pharma Patient Education

AstraZeneca went out seeking experts who developed the user interfaces it admired. They landed on the team of experts at Ayogo. Ayogo was tasked with creating, to activate site visitors with Type 2 diabetes and sustain engagement with a custom fit tool to help them with diet and exercise behavior change. Fit2Me has proven to be a runaway success, receiving 1