Insomnia App Sleep Guru Wins Bronze for Best Mobile App

Above Image: (L–R) Mavis Dixon, Shauna Gammon, Darryl Pogue (behind), Ellena Lawrence, Ricard Adrianza, Ian Suda Missing: Fay-Lisa Jensen, David Thomas Ayogo Shares Award with Merck

Strategy Leads Creative for Award-Winning Results: Gold for Fit2Me

In pharma marketing, strategy leads creative, not the other way around. When our client AstraZeneca won Gold at the International ECHO™ Award, recognizing Fit2Me as

Fit2Me Hailed as a Revolution in Pharma Patient Education

AstraZeneca went out seeking experts who developed the user interfaces it admired. They landed on the team of experts at Ayogo. Ayogo was tasked with creating,

CTV Features Ayogo in "Educational apps help kids take control of their health"

After our recent launch of Monster Manor in the UK, CTV has featured Ayogo in their article about apps helping children take control of their

Merck and Ayogo working together: PMLive Article

Dominick Tyer writes in the Digital Intelligence blog: Merck & Co is working on a new mobile app for type 2 diabetes patients to help

mHealth News: Eric Wicklund Talk with Michael Fergusson at the mHealth Summit

Excerpt from Ayogo’s CEO Michael Fergusson’s interview with Eric Wicklund at the mHealth Summits: MF: Because it’s a fundamental aspect of human psychology to play, video games

What’s New: Rebranding, New Website, UBC Career Fair and The Debate

We’ve been busy little Ayogoans. Last week, we launched our new rebranded website, played games with students at our UBC Technical Career Fair booth, and

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