Healthy Employees: Inside and Out!

At Ayogo, we practice what we preach. Since the apps we develop promote engagement and health behaviour change, including developing healthy lifestyle habits, we strive to follow our own advice. What we do to stay healthy at our main studio in Vancouver revolves around three main activities: healthy snacking, staying active and getting outside! Antony Parnell, our superstar administrative assistant,

Working At Ayogo Is All Fun and Games!

Working at Ayogo is all fun and games! Well, maybe not all, but it is true that we have a corporate culture where we truly do laugh everyday. One of the (many) ways that we keep the laughter flowing is at our monthly social nights. We’ve picnicked in the park, transformed our board room into a movie theatre, and collectively cooked

What is a Design-a-thon?

Design collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Ayogo and is baked in to our culture. We are excited to kick off our very first Design-a-thon. As not everyone on the team is a designer, this design-focused team building event gives all Ayogis a chance to flex their design muscles. So what is a design-a-thon? Similar to a Hack-a-thon, a design-a-thon