Engagement Tops Pharma Marketing Strategy and Budget

Budget Priorities for Digital Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy The MM&M 2015 annual survey reveals the budget priorities and top pharmaceutical marketing strategies, as expressed by pharmaceutical marketers. The mean 2015 budget was $19.4M per pharmaceutical company for marketing. Digital consumer marketing is the focus of 76% of pharmaceutical marketers and these budgets are growing rapidly, compared to the shrinking relevance of traditional advertising to

Awards: AstraZeneca's Fit2Me Wins Gold at International ECHO Awards

AstraZeneca’s Fit2Me Wins Gold at International ECHO Awards AstraZeneca won Gold at the International ECHO™ Awards, recognizing Fit2Me as one of the world’s best marketing campaigns. MRM/McCann created the award-winning ad campaign Fit2Me. My Plan. My Way. Several partners worked on Fit2Me campaign and diabetes branded assets. Ayogo designed and built the entire user interface for the Fit2Me interactive patient support application. Fit2Me is

mHealth News: Eric Wicklund Talk with Michael Fergusson at the mHealth Summit

Excerpt from Ayogo’s CEO Michael Fergusson’s interview with Eric Wicklund at the mHealth Summits: MF: Because it’s a fundamental aspect of human psychology to play, video games are taking advantage of what we are interested in. That’s why games work.  To keep you engaged in the game they try to mimic this effect that comes from real life – that you need