The Great Gamification Debate

By January 31, 2012News

Looking for an entertaining and lively discussion on Gamification? Want to know what all the fuss is about? Need to learn about the good, the bad and the added value prospect of applying gamification to your business? Discover the truth about gamification and what it can and cannot be used for from experts currently working in the field. Part performance, part informational, this debate pits two gamification gurus head to head.

The Great Gamification Debate goes live on Thursday, Feb 2nd at the VFS cafe (390 West Hastings Street) in Vancouver’s Gastown. Join us! Doors open at 7pm.

MichaelMichael Fergusson (@fergusson)
Michael has been a fighter pilot, a terraforming engineer, and a zombie hunter, and that was just this morning! He learned to touch type by hunting sharks, and has travelled the entire Oregon Trail without getting scurvy. He also believes that playing is one of the most meaningful and productive things we can do. Michael is the innovator, business poet and mastermind behind Ayogo, a company that was recently named Hottest Digital Media Company in Canada of 2010 by a jury at NEXTMedia for the work they did creating mobile and social games that improve people’s health in meaningful, measurable ways.
steve-150x150Steve Bocska (@pugpharm)
Steve is the founding president of Pug Pharm Productions, a company offering a cutting-edge online technology solution that simultaneously delivers Gamification, Item Collection Gameplay; and Social Matchmaking features. Steve has 10 years of direct experience in the video game industry, having worked for Disney Interactive, Black Box (E.A.), and Radical Entertainment. In 2006, he became the founding President and CEO of Hothead Games, winner of the Canadian New Media Association’s award for “Most Promising New Company of 2007.”
joe-nickolls2Moderated by Joe Nickolls (@nickolls)
Joe is an Executive Producer at Microsoft/Big Park. He’s a former EA Sports Producer, Radio Guy, Record Industry Marketing guy, and last year’s Vancouver TEDx host. Known for his wit and humour, there are some people who call him the Bill Murray of Games.
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If you can’t make it, don’t worry. We’ll be filming the debate and producing a 6 part video series. So stay tuned to our Youtube channel and blog for updates on when these videos will be available.
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NOTE: The Great Gamification Debate is currently sold out but please leave your name on the waiting list because more spaces may open up on event day.