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By August 15, 2011News

my_SXSW_idea_2012That’s right, it’s Panel Picking time again! Michael was at this year’s SXSW Interactive with his panel, “Social Games: Manipulating Brain Chemistry for Good.” It was such a success that we’ve submitted again for SXSW 2012. Our topic is about using game design to motivate healthier behaviours and we’re really excited about it. Our panel will explore how health is social and how playing games with others can keep us engaged and motivated when it comes to changing our behaviour in positive ways. Finding and championing innovative ways to help people improve their health and thereby cut down on the rapidly inflating cost of healthcare are subjects that dwell very close to our hearts here at Ayogo.
We’ve got Adam Penenberg, an acclaimed investigative journalist who has had two films made from his books, Leslie Saxon, the Director of USC’s Center for Body Computing, which is a hub for wireless health and wearable/implantable devices, and Noreen Kamal, a PhD candidate who is researching design principles for an online social network that will motivate health behaviour change at UBC’s MAGIC Labs. It’s a thrill to have such fascinating people who are doing fascinating things agree to join Michael on his panel.
There are more than 3600 speaking proposals and only room for 500 sessions so every vote counts! The SXSW Panelpicker opens TODAY Monday, August 15th. Be sure to create an account or sign in and let the voting begin.
Michael’s panel is called “Let’s Play: Motivate Healthy Behaviour Using Games.” Please help spread the word. RT, Facebook and Google+ this post. Muster your social graph. Motivate others to join in the voting process. We’d really appreciate it! If you have any questions leave a comment or email me at