Working At Ayogo Is All Fun and Games!

Working at Ayogo is all fun and games! Well, maybe not all, but it is true that we have a corporate culture where we truly do laugh everyday. One of the (many) ways that we keep the laughter flowing is at our monthly social nights. We’ve picnicked in the park, transformed our board room into a movie theatre, and collectively cooked a meal together.
Last week we put the computers away for an Ayogi social night favourite: an evening of analog gaming!  We asked a few Ayogis to share a game they played.
Administrative Assistant

I played Telestrations! A clever mix of “telephone” and Pictionary, where you must draw something and have someone guess what it is. The next person then draws their guess, and it goes around the group and comes back to you—usually as something far removed from the initial drawing. Telestrations is great for me because I can’t draw, which makes it all the more hilarious when people try to guess my misshapen artistic attempts.”

Digital Designer

I played Zombie Dice, which is all about chance and risking it all for MORE BRAINS! I love it cause it’s so simple, easy to learn, yet so fun! Later I played Ticket to Ride: USA, which is more complicated and definitely requires some strategy and planning. I love the anticipation you have as you already know what you want to do for the next 2–3 turns and hope someone doesn’t ruin your plans! Plus it helps sharpen your geography knowledge!”

Software Developer Intern

I started the night by ruining my first time playing Rhino Hero (a mix of jenga, uno, and building a card house); I got too excited celebrating that I tapped the table with enough intensity to destroy everything. To recover from the trauma, I helped save the world from an epidemic during a game of Pandemic later in the evening.”

Working At Ayogo Is All Fun and Games - playing Ticket To Ride: USAWorking At Ayogo Is All Fun and Games - playing Rhino HeroWorking At Ayogo Is All Fun and Games - Zombie DiceWorking At Ayogo Is All Fun and Games - playing Pandemic
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