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Building an amazing team for a worthwhile purpose. We’re tackling some of the most important and challenging problems facing the digital health industry today. To do that, we need smart and motivated people. If that sounds like a good fit for you, then we may be the place for you to apply your talent and see real change.

Doing Meaningful Work

The number one piece of feedback we receive on why people want to join Ayogo, love working at Ayogo, or had an amazing experience being part of Ayogo? The work that we do. Finding solutions for very real, very tangible problems that people struggle with every day is incredibly powerful, motivating, and rewarding. We feel privileged to be working on important projects that impact health care in such a positive way.

Our Culture

Nurturing an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusion that enables personal growth and professional development while empowering clinics and patient support programs to better serve their patients.

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Inclusive and Supportive Environment

We value teamwork, creativity, and personal growth, fueling solutions that drive patient activation and knowledge in the healthcare decisions they face.

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Diverse and Inclusive Team

Our team demolishes barriers, establishing an accessible work environment that leverages unique strengths and experiences to aid healthcare providers and support systems.

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Committed to Work-Life Balance

We prioritize work-life balance, enabling our team members to make substantial contributions while maintaining personal wellness and resilience.

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Who We Are

We’re a bunch of like-minded folk, doing our best to change the world, make a difference and laugh every day. We’re headquartered in Vancouver, with employees across all of Canada. We believe it’s important to be healthy and happy at work, and together we work hard to achieve our common goals both in and outside the work environment.

Innovation and Forward-Thinking

We attract and recruit crazy talented, fundamentally empathic, and deeply passionate people that believe in the mission, put those people in a position to do their bestwork, and as an organization become increasingly good at amplifying that work, making the whole greater than the sum.

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Current Job Openings

No open roles? We still want to hear from you!

Vancouver, Canada

Do you have mad skills but they don’t match an open role? We’re still interested! Complete our General Application here.