The LifePlan Patient Success Platform improves patient outcomes by implementing effective shared decision-making, the best practice for integrating patient preferences, values, and capabilities into the clinical process. Our unique approach drives engagement and builds trust with and between patients and HCPs. LifePlan is built on a modern platform architecture designed to integrate and scale across franchises.

Introduction to Shared Decision Making (SDM), and the LifePlan Platform

Shared decision making (SDM) is the gold standard for integrating patient preferences, values and abilities into the modality selection process to increase optimal starts, reduce renal replacement therapy (RRT) treatment failures, and increase patient satisfaction.

Yet, shared decision making often doesn’t live up to its potential, with an overreliance on paper-based materials and manual processes that are not engaging or efficient.

Our approach is a fully digital shared decision making tool for modality selection in renal care that embodies the known best practices of SDM.

What are our key features

Structured Education

Deliver tailored, best-in-class education that patients can access anywhere, anytime.
Real patient stories and a structured curriculum of CKD basics and treatment options education. Q&A reflection activities allow patients to save their questions for their next visit.

Assessments and Surveys

CKD LifePlan digital assessments and surveys are easy for your patients to complete; interactive, and designed for digital delivery.

Surveys and assessments within LifePlan are designed to help your patients reflect on their values, needs, and preferences, and engage with you, as a clinician, in Shared Decision Making.


Patient Decision Aids

Treatment decisions are not one-size-fits-all.
Treatment fit is affected by a person’s values, lifestyle, and context, in addition to their biology. LifePlan decision aids help patients engage in the process, reflecting upon their values, goals, and preferences in a structured way .
Importantly, our decision aids are embedded in a shared decision-making process to help facilitate communication with family and the clinical team, which can lead to better understanding, alignment, and trust, and ultimately improve patient success on treatment.
LifePlan Decision Aid

Clinician Dashboard

Understand where patients are in their journey, and reduce reporting burden with automated documentation of shared decision making.

CKD LifePlan is easy to use, straightforward, and designed to fit easily within your monthly budgets.

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