Introducing Ayogo’s Empower Platform™

Patient Engagement Software Designed by Behavior Change Experts

watch ayogo's empower demo

Customizable Patient Engagement Software Bootstraps Your Patient Support Program

In a rapidly-evolving digital world, consumers expect a satisfying—even delightful—digital healthcare experience. Ayogo’s Empower Platform™ is customizable, and it’s patient engagement software sophisticated enough to meet the highest consumer expectations. Medtech, Life Science and Healthcare Organizations use Ayogo’s Empower to create branded, evidence-based Patient Success Programs that patients want to use.

This video takes a walk-through two mobile apps built using Ayogo’s Empower Platform™ and demonstrates the following features:

  • Onboarding
  • Profile and Status Summary
  • Behavior Change Curriculum for Chronic Conditions (featured condition: Obesity)
  • Daily Activities and Healthy Weight Management
  • Gamification Using Quizzes, Health Games and Knowledge Building
  • Educational Narratives in the Form of Choose Your Own Adventure Stories
  • Social Wall and Peer Coaching
  • Healthcare Provider Communication (HCP interface and dashboard not shown)
  • Medication Tracking

After watching this video you’ll better understand why Ayogo was chosen as one of the 100 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare, and a thought leader in the Science of Engagement.

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