Targeted Patient Engagement: Bariatric Surgery & Obesity

Healthcare Systems Can Better Engage Patients with Class III Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome

Who Is Empower for Obesity For?

Empower for Obesity is for Healthcare Systems helping patients with diabetes and super-obesity manage chronic health conditions. As doctors, nurses and educators you may only have patients with you just long enough to pass along advice and recommendations.

Empower becomes part of patients’ everyday health. Designed with insights from psychology and playful design, it’s a technology that feels different.

Help your patients accept new activities that may help them avoid complications, readmissions, and painful, costly acute care.

Chronic Conditions

Healthcare systems can customize the Empower platform to support behavior change as part of improving patient health outcomes for people with more serious chronic health concerns. Empower-based solutions have been tested and shown successful in improving health outcomes in the treatment of:

  • obesity, class III
  • metabolic syndrome
  • diabetes self-management

Proven Results for Obesity

When tracking alone isn’t enough: in a head-to-head trial against the wireless step tracker Fitbit, Empower was used as part of an intervention for adults with Class 3 obesity, where treatment-as-usual (TAU) included 12 weeks of classes + weekly weigh-in. The Fitbit + TAU group performed only as well as the TAU control, while Empower + TAU doubled self-efficacy and led to one third more weight loss over the same period of time. Empower increased patient activation in goal-oriented behaviors. All patients were adults with Class 3 Obesity, preparing for bariatric surgery.

Improved Outcomes


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