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Ayogo's Empower Platform ScreensAyogo’s Empower Platform™ is the fastest way for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medtech organizations to build, deploy and scale patient-centric applications.

Empowered Healthcare

Ayogo’s Empower Platform™ empowers your pharmaceutical organization to engage and activate healthcare consumers to increase medication adherence, enhance intrinsic motivation, build self-efficacy, and help healthcare consumers integrate their prescribed care plans into their real life, every day.

 Enhance Current Pharmaceutical Patient Support ProgramsEnhance Current Pharmaceutical Patient Support Programs
Provide a digital solution that guides patients to adopt a program of medication adherence and lifestyle change.

Built for the Pharmaceutical MarketerBuilt for the Pharmaceutical Marketer
Engage patients in managing their condition by providing customized and sponsored (branded or unbranded) tools in the application.

Encourage Positive ConversationsEncourage Positive Conversations
Connect patients and healthcare providers. Empower patients with knowledge of their condition. Adapt to their priorities so they can personalize their care plan.

Improve Outcomes and AdherenceImprove Outcomes and Adherence
Equip patients with tools to help them build positive habits that can be integrated successfully into their daily life.


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