Tips for Engaging Type A and Type D Patients

Tips for Engaging Type A and Type D Patients - A Personalized Approach to Building Self Efficacy

We all know every patient has a different personality type. There’s the Type A Personality Patient who is motivated and driven to succeed while stressing along the way to get things right. Then there’s the opposite patient, the Type D Personality Patient who may be in denial, depressed and pessimistic about their ability to manage their illness.

Most experienced physicians and healthcare providers know it is important to empower patients by tapping into their personal motivators, but don’t always know how. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to our top tips on how to improve patient engagement.

Download our Tip Sheet for Ideas on How to Improve Patient Engagement, with 6 tips for:

  • Dealing with a stressed out patient
  • Intensifying motivation using urgency
  • Harnessing social support and competition—which patient personality type responds to which?
  • Getting to “yes” with a Type D Personality Patient

Bonus Materials:

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  • Insights: 25 Reasons People Don’t Take Their Medication