Cheap is Your Challenge

mHealth 2014

If Cheap is Your Challenge – the best solution for you is to Cross-Promote an existing App.

There are 22,000+ health apps in circulation. Chances are there is something close to what you need, and if there isn’t then you may be able to leverage what you have in community or knowledge value in return for having a developer prototype or implement your idea.

Cross-Promote an existing App- how to do it:

Look at, GooglePlay or the App Store for guidance to what’s out there. Then contact the developer whose app is closest to your idea to discuss cross-promotion.  Successful developers are looking for distribution partners and will be responsive if you represent a good-sized patient community of users who will talk up the app. They know Users have the best ideas for high-value features.To find a developer who is continuing to update their app, look at the version number (should be higher than 1.0) and date of the last release on the app store (last release within the last calendar year). Be sure to try the app yourself for a while before recommending a feature, so you’ll be more credible.

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