Ayogo’s new SaaS platform, LifePlan, is designed to improve outcomes through effective shared decision making; structured education, and behavioral science-based goal setting.

Our unique approach drives engagement and builds trust with and between those you serve, and your clinical staff or coaches, while improving satisfaction, activation, and quality of life (QOL) measures.

Understanding and adapting to each individual’s unique psychosocial context, LifePlan augments their pathway with tools, messaging, and education that bridge the gap between appointments, and an individual’s “real life”.

HIPAA compliant digital tools deliver and automate shared decision making, the best practice for integrating patient preferences, values, and capabilities into the clinical process.

LifePlan is built on a modern platform architecture is designed to integrate, and scale across your organization and franchises.

What our features are

LifePlan Decision Aid

Shared Decision Making

Help those you serve to make informed, confident and timely decisions based on their values.

LifePlan Decision Aids guide individuals through reflecting on their values, goals, lifestyle, and preferences. Assessments gauge an individual’s knowledge and confidence, and identify potential barriers.

Importantly, our Decision Aids are embedded in a best-practices based Shared Decision Making process that facilitates communication with their care team, coaches and family – leading to better understanding, alignment, and trust.

Structured Education

Deliver tailored, best-in-class education that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

Those you serve increase the quality of their engagement through contextually-relevant curriculum that fully integrates with your program.

Automatically show the right content based on an individual’s knowledge and stage, to meet their unique needs. Structured curriculum is designed to be engaging with relatable stories; videos and interactive activities, and Q&A reflection activities that a user can save to discuss during appointments.

Decision Aid

Surveys & Assessments

Digital assessments and surveys are easy to complete, interactive, and generate real-time reports.

Streamline the process of administering surveys and assessments that are required by your program through digital delivery.

As an individual explores their values, home environment, and fit through self-discovery quizzes, they gain a deeper understanding of how their decisions relate to what matters most in their lives.

Behavioral Science-based Goal Setting

Motivate, and sustain lifestyle-based behavioral changes that improve outcomes.

Improve goal engagement as users are guided to set their own goals – either developed on their own, collaboratively developed with your team, or selected from an expert-designed template.

Structured goals and tasks provide a clear view on what needs to be done each day for goal attainment. A behavioral science-based design addresses the psychosocial aspects that underline someone’s ability to adapt to new modes of self-care.

Analytics and Coaching Dashboard

LifePlan’s dashboard is used by clinical staff, coaches, and program administrators to easily access insights, and analytics on those they serve.

  • Capture your organization’s impact through richer and more detailed analytics for internal stakeholders, and/or external funders.
  • Improved visibility on goal progression, engagement, personal values, and home environment of clients.
  • Tailor coaching programs to fit each individual’s characteristics and context: Assign custom tasks, best-in-class educational material, and goals.
  • Improve efficiency of appointment preparation, and interactions. Reduce reporting burden with automated documentation for shared decision making.

Multiple languages, and integration with your current systems (via API) for a straightforward rollout.

LifePlan is easy to use, and get started at your organization. Everyday our technology is being used to improve health outcomes, generate tangible business outcomes, and impact lives.


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