LightSpeeder: The Hardest Game.

Created by Rude Boy Games, an Ayogo Games affiliate.
Available in the Google Play store:

LightSpeeder delivers an intense adrenaline rush and lets you race and battle high velocity vehicles through magnificent 8-bit environments as you pick up and use numerous power-ups to destroy opposition vehicles in spectacular ways.Exhilarating driving action, unbelievable vehicles and amazing environments are the main staples of this racing combat game. LightSpeeder delivers a great combination of simple driving controls and easy-to-learn but deep gameplay that players of all ages will enjoy.

Drive numerous fast-paced and hilarious vehicles in epic battles. Each vehicle looks completely different but they are all amazingly quick, easy to control and responsive.

LightSpeeder contains multiple power-ups that are placed around the arenas and can be easily picked up and used to enhance your vehicle’s abilities.

The races in LightSpeeder take place in various compelling and completely unique environments. The awe-inspiring arenas contain lots of intense areas which are great places to destroy opponents.

LightSpeeder’s graphics will immerse you in this visually stunning racing game.

LightSpeeder contains sound effects and music that not only fits the game perfectly but also helps to define the whole experience.

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“LightSpeeder – simple, fast, very fun.”
– Michael Rose,

“Lightspeeder is the ‘Tron’ Game We’ve Been Waiting For.”
– Ben Deitz, AOL’s Switch

“Great sound and 3D visuals make Lightspeeder a surprisingly compelling little arcade title”
– Justin Davis, IGN