Featured in ‘The Diabetes Times’, Monster Manor is making a splash. Up for an award in the ‘Value and Improvement in Medical Technology’ category, The Diabetes Times has this to say:

“Ayogo, working with Diabetes UK and Sanofi Diabetes, developed Monster Manor to encourage children to test and record their blood glucose levels on a more regular basis. Only 15 per cent of young children manage to achieve their blood glucose targets.
Simon O’Neill, Director of Health Intelligence and Professional Liaison at Diabetes UK, said: “Parents tell us that their children often find regular blood glucose monitoring very hard to accept and it can often become a source of tension in families.
“By turning the testing into a game we hope it will encourage young children with diabetes to manage their condition more effectively and help them succeed in achieving tighter blood glucose control in their early years. In turn this would help them reduce the risk of developing the serious complications associated with diabetes in later life.””

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