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An Introduction to Overcoming Obesity

A Beginner’s Guide to Tackling Obesity from the Patient’s Perspective

As we evolve new models for obesity, we see that many influences contribute to what has been coined the Obesity Epidemic. This eBook looks at new models for obesity, how and why people struggle with obesity and what can be done. Behavioral, social and environmental interventions are all touched upon as we look at the elements of overcoming obesity.

In the following pages you will read about:

  • A New Model for the Treatment of Obesity
  • Body Acceptance
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Building a New Habit Curriculum
  • Bonus Material: Empower for Obesity: A Tool for Weight Management

Download our Beginner’s Guide and receive the Bonus Case Study, featuring case study results of Picture It! Weight Loss, built on Ayogo’s Empower platform.