Partner With Us To Increase Patient Engagement & Improve Outcomes

Dan Holmes
Ayogo’s CFO & VP of Corporate Development, Dan Holmes, will be attending:

• 7th Partnering with ACOs Summit
• June 6–7, 2016
• Sonesta Hotel – Philadelphia, PA

Emotional engagement is key to effective population health and patient support programs. Ayogo’s Empower leverages the award winning ACUDO framework to create programs that increase engagement, improve outcomes, and simply feel good to use.

Designed and built in partnership with a large integrated delivery network, Empower has shown significant improvements in both quantitative and qualitative outcomes, and measures of engagement. Controlled trials have shown that Empower changes patient behaviour and clinical outcomes—dramatically so in some cases.

We are looking for additional partners to participate in the development of our new Empower-based SAAS solution for provider organizations. In particular, we want to work with provider organization partners to optimize the new service to generate financial return for organizations taking on financial risk related to health outcomes.

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